Three Different Types of Backpacks everyone should Have

By | March 9, 2019

Since a backpack is such an essential gear for everyone whether a college student, a mountaineer, a tourist or simply someone who works at an office. It carries all your belongings safe on your back and keeps your hands free to be able to do other things. However, there are many different types of backpacks available in the market which can confuse you at first. To be able to decide which backpack to choose, you should be clear on your purpose for buying it in the first place. Are you planning to take it to college or to work? Or are you planning to take it up the mountains. You will find different backpacks designed specifically to fulfill a particular purpose. Here are some of the most important types of bags that you will find:

Hiking backpacks:

If you are planning on hiking by the day or camping through the night, you will need a good hiking backpack which can carry the entire essential load with you and is able to bear the harshness of the weather. It should also be comfortable on your back to be able to carry it around all day. These backpacks should have a stable structure to be able to carry comfortably on your back, have enough padding on the shoulders so that you do not feel the burden of the load inside and have enough space to carry all your belongings.

School backpacks:

You will find lots of varieties in school backpacks since these are one of the most commonly bought backpacks in the market. Students try to find more and more stylish backpacks to head to class with to dazzle their fellow classmates. Apart from style, it should be appropriately sized to carry all your books and notebooks in it without being too uncomfortable on your back. If you carry a lot of books everyday and find it difficult to carry the load on your back, you should consider buying rolling backpacks.

Traditional backpacks:

Simple and elegant in design, these backpacks offer maximum function and durability along with simplicity. Not only do they look classy on your back, they are also lightweight and comfortable while carrying all the essential gear safely with you. You can find traditional backpacks on ConsumerStuf for many purposes from college use to hiking and trekking.

Apart from these most basic varieties, you will find many other types as well to suit whatever purpose you have in mind.

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